Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Simple Plan

A Field Guide to Choices

If You Could Ask God One Question

A Sex Poem

I Double-Dog Dare You

Get Up And Play

Blind Spots

The Wish List

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Questioning God

the text

            If you could
            ask God one
            what would
            you ask?

Think about it you stupid
                      blob of goo!

Why do I
wake up in
the morning
with worries?

Do I remember God chuckling in my head?

Finding ways to laugh
at God isn't wrong.
It can actually be the secret fuel
that makes you accept your fears.
  Waking up with a Placebo Head Wound
means whatever it is you want it to mean.

I have the open-minded way I think I live.

                        In God's eye
I doubt there is much more to what we are.

I send this prayer to faiths I do not need.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Four Letter Words

the text

You realize that a simple
reclusive man crazy on the
The guy who won't fight back
can take a list
of four-letter words& slowly
word by fucking word, pick the perfect one.
It helps you solve all
kinds of problems.
True or False?
This understanding
doesn't happen overnight.
No Shit.
It's n' uncomfortable
secret talents
who knew?
Like you I know the pleasure of concealment.

Revivify Life

the text

the most challenging ambition
is to revivify past experience

Let's get to the heart of the matter:
We know the importance of loafing
lies in how we measure ourselves.

              is either useful
              or destructive.

          Spot the difference.

    Feel peaceful in a heartbeat.

                 Each morning
the day lies like a fresh shirt on our bed.



the text

know  sometimes you need to
           deny that  human life can be lived like
           you can keep it going as you have?

You're telling yourself that maybe this time
it'll be different.  Don't you know that's
                                                                                        "Wait-- what?"

Sometime the
  tell-tell brain asks:
"How do you deal with this open wound?
 These are perilous days
 and lonely runs both ways?"

U  Well, I guess I'd answer:
L               "To make life better
P                                     love your life,
                because life is precious.         You
have to rethink everything you thought you knew.

There's more benefits of life in the slow lane.

Easy Doubt

the text

If God is listening hard enough
why do dogs die
             in hot cars?
When all the bodies
have been buried in Darfur,
blood splattering everywhere,
can you believe?   I don'teven
                              want to know.

       God can't
be captured
for certain and discord
      has nver
      been easier.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Art Of Living

the text

The Art
          of Living
can be puzzling.

Let's shed some lifht on life.

Control is an illusion.

Beware:  you can't
                take charge of your
extraordinary out of
                 control life.

You have had to del with heartache.

We shoud have
been more skeptical
                                      What're you
                                       gonna do?

            It has
become increasingly
clear that imperfeftion is what makes us human/

Let's get practical:  We live with what
        happens to us

We jump
       between the dim &
        the dark.

                 We live with open

Live Big

the text

It's morning
              again.  I'm wide awake.
I was ready for anything but
      what I found

      Life's good
and  the good is in the details.
Yep, it's a sweet surprise.

      I never thought
      it could happen
             to me.

Big       ---this is in-

             It takes time
                 to be a