Friday, May 18, 2012

to reevaluate


  1. Hey there! Fellow collage poet here! Been meaning to stop by, say hello and introduce myself.
    I'm Jess and I'm in love with words. Been at this for almost 2 years now and have really enjoyed exploring collage work.
    I love this poem! Your work is awesome. I love this poem in particular.
    I really enjoyed what you wrote about collage poetry: "Amazingly there are themes and threads that come from my subconsious mind while I'm cutting out words."
    I completely understand this notion. It's an amazing thing the way random words seem to come together to create something beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    Jess Schneider

    1. Thanks Jess.I would love to read/see some of your work too. I've been writing poetry for close to 50 years and I find the collage poems the most enjoyable way to play with words. I'm always surprised both by what I end up with, and that it always reflects thoughts I've been having as well. Peace. tex